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Leonid Meteors of 2001

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Date:19.11.2001 Time:1:04 - 1:37 UT Exposure:10min + 3 x 5min
Field of View:30o x 30o Receiver: DWARF 20482 CCD Filter:none
Optics: f=55mm, 1/4.0 Observatory: Hoher List Observer:T. Credner

© Copyright by the observers

The CCD image shows some Leonid meteors observed from Germany, about half a day after the shower maximum on November 18th 2001. Four succeeding exposures were combined and finally show seven meteor streaks. Tracking them back gives the position of the meteor radiant for November 1:21 UT at about alpha(2000)=10h17.5m ±0.5m and delta(2000)=21d25' ±4'. Two meteors at the lower left appear quite small since they are close to the radiant and flew close to the observers direction. One meteor on the right hand side is very weak and can be seen clearly only at high magnification.