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Luminous Train by a Perseid Meteor 2011

at Steinheim Impact Crater


Date:11.8.2011 Time:1:01 UT
Exposure:4x10s Mosaic Field of View:~ 70o x 100o
Camera:Nikon D3 Optics:35mm, f/2.8
Place:Steinheim, Germany   Observer:Till Credner

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Bright meteors often leave luminous trains along their tracks. If they last several seconds or even minutes they are called persistent trains. See an example of an evolving train of a Quadrantid meteor here! The photography was taken from the border of the "Steinheimer Becken", a 15 Mio. year old impact crater in southern Germany. The hill in the center is the central mountain remaining from the impact. The circular crater wall has a diameter of 3.8 km. The opposite part can be seen behind the central hill. Simultaneously to the origin of Steinheimer Becken a larger meteorite hit the ground and created todays Nördlinger Ries, which is just 40 km far from Steinheim. The Meteor seen above had just a typical size of a sand grain and was ablated by friction into dust in the atmosphere.