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Cr 399

Collinder 399 (Brocchi's Cluster, La Percha)

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Fecha:31.05.06 Hora:3:22 UT Exposición:15 min
Campo visual:4.1o x 3.3o Emulsion: Fuji Provia 400F Filtro:ninguno
Instrumento:f=300mm 1/4 Lugar:Hakos, Namibia Observador:Till Credner

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Cr 399 is a prominent group of stars in the constellation of Vulpecula. Resembling an upside down coathanger, it is easily found with the smallest binoculars in the northern summer milky way. Such distinctive groupings, no official constellation and in most cases no physical star cluster, are called asterisms. Data of the astrometric satellite HIPPARCOS revealed, that Cr 399 is not a cluster of physical related stars. It is just an alignment by chance of stars with very different motions and distances.
On the left hand side of Cr 399 is the small open cluster NGC 6802, here visible as a small diffuse patch of about 9th magnitude.

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