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Open Cluster IC 4665 and Barnards Star

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Date:30.05.06 Time:22:15 UT Exposure:31 min
Field of View:5.1o x 3.7o Emulsion: Fuji Provia 400F Filter:none
Instrument:f=300mm 1/4.5 Place:Hakos, Namibia Observer:Till Credner

© Copyright by the observers

IC 4665 is a bright and coarse open cluster easily visible in the smallest binoculars in the constellation Ophiuchus. Roughly three degrees to the east we can find "Barnards Runaway Star". This 9.5 magnitude bright star has the largest known proper motion of all stars. It runs 10" north each year. Barnards star is with a distance of about 6 ly the second closest star (just behind the alpha Centauri star system).

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