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The constellations of the month

Antlia, Pyxis

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Latin: Antlia (Ant), Pyxis (Pyx)
English: Air pump, Compass Spanish: Bomba Neumática, Brúchula de la Nave Argo
German: Luftpumpe, Schiffskompass   French: Machine pneumatique, Boussole

The constellation Antlia can be seen on the left hand side and Pyxis on the right of the photography (see lines). This southern sky field is just north (above) of Vela and east of Puppis (right). The stars of both constellations are quite faint with 4th magnitude or fainter. Only alpha Pyxidis, the second star from the lower right (see lines), is with 3.7 mag a bit brighter.

Best observing time in mid of April is in the evening at about 20:30 (8:30 pm) local time. The declination of the two constellations ranges from -40o to -17o.

Some deep sky objects join the field of view: galaxies and a few objects of our milky way. The plane of our milky way runs by in the lower part of our view. These deep sky objects are quite faint and small and therefore a telescope is needed for observing them.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle