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Corona Australis, Telescopium

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Latin: Corona Australis, Telescopium (CrA, Tel)
English: Southern Crown, Telescope Spanish: Corona Austral, Telescopio
German: Südliche Krone, Fernrohr French: Couronne Australe, Telescope

South of the galactic center and the constellation Sagittarius are the small constellations Corona Australis and Telescopium. You should observe from a location south of latitude 30 degrees north to see both. However, the patterns show up with stars only around faint fourth magnitude. But Corona Australis, the Southern Crown, has a quite conspicious shape and is easy to recognize in a dark sky (see lines).

In mid of August the shown field culminates at about 9 pm local time. The declination of the constellation borders reaches from -57 to -37 degrees.

For Deep Sky observers a couple of nice globular star clusters show up in this field. Most already belong to the constellation of Sagittarius. They are so numerous since the globular star clusters are concentrated into the direction of the galactic center (but not the galactic plane!). See also the magnifications.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle