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Latin: Draco (Dra)
English: Dragon Spanish: Dragón
German: Drachen French: Dragon

The extended constellation of Draco is shown in the above image (see lines). This very northern constellation goes half way around the celestial pole and the constellation of Ursa Minor, which is partly visible here above of Draco. Distinctive is the trapeze in the lower left part of the image which represents the head of the dragon. In the sky you can find it just north of the constellation Hercules.

In mid of July it culminates at about 21:30 local time, but because of its northern position it is circumpolar for most observers on the northern hemisphere and thus can be seen most time of the year. The declination ranges from +48 to +86 degrees.

There are no bright and extended deep sky objects in the above field. The existing galaxies are too small and faint for the wide field optics.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle