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Latin: Hercules (Her)
English: Kneeling Man Spanish: Hércules
German: Herkules French: Hercule
In mid of june Hercules culminates at about 23 h (11 pm) local time. For observers on the 10th to the 50th geographic latitude north it reaches the zenit, the point just above you. Its appearence is quite faint, but the central trapeze is not so hard to find. In Hercules is the brightest Globular Star Cluster of the northern hemisphere: M 13. With a visual magnitude of 5.7 it can be seen already by naked eye as a faint object. A small amateurs telescope already offers the dense stellar nature of M 13. The brightest star Alpha Herculis (3.1 mag) is out of our field of view just below the left image corner.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle