The Deep Photographic Guide to the

The constellation of the month

Leo Minor

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No Deep Sky Objects visible!


Latin: Leo Minor (LMi)
English: Lesser Lion Spanish: León Menor
German: Kleiner Löwe French: Petit Lion

The small constellation of Leo Minor is shown in the above photography (see lines). Due to its faint visual appearance at the night sky it is quite hard to find. The brightest stars just have about 4th visual magnitude. The position is just north of prominent Leo and south of Ursa Major.

In mid of march the above field culminates at about 23:00 LT (11 pm). The declination of Leo Minor's boundaries ranges from +23 to +42 degrees.

No galactic deep sky objects can be found in the above field, it is far away from the galactic plane. Some galaxies join Leo Minor, however, they are small and faint. On the above wide field image they appear like dim stars.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle