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Latin: Lupus (Lup)
English: Wolf Spanish: Lobo
German: Wolf   French: Loup
The southern constellation Lupus is a field with many stars close to the plane of our milky way (see lines). Prominent neighbors are Scorpius (upper left) and Centaurus (lower right). The pattern of Lupus is not very conspicious and made of stars of about 3rd to 4th magnitude. Brightest member is beta Lupi with 2.8 mag (second one from lower right up, see lines).

Best observing time in mid of June is about 22:00 (10:00 pm) local time. The declination of the constellation borders ranges from -55o to -30o.

There are several different kind of deep sky objects in the shown field of view. The entire region of Scorpius, Lupus, and Centaurus is filled with young hot stars, dust and molecular clouds. Massive star formation takes place in this so called Sco-Cen-Lup region.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle