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Triangulum Australe, Norma, Ara

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Latin: Triangulum Australe (TrA), Norma (Nor), Ara (Ara)
English: Southern Triangle, Square, Altar Spanish: Triángulo Austral, Escuadra, Altar
German: Südliches Dreieck, Winkelmaß, Altar French: Triangle Australe, Equerre, Autel
Three small constellations of the southern hemisphere are shown in the above image. Southern Triangle at bottom, Altar on the left hand side and the faint constellation Square at the center (lines). Above are parts of Scorpius and Lupus.

In mid of July Norma culminates at about 20:30 LT (8:30 pm). To see Triangulum Australe, the most southern constellation in the image, you have to be below geographic latitude 20 degrees north.
The galactic equator is crossing our field of view and the galactic center is quiet close to the upper left image corner. Huge and bright star fields are dominating these regions. Some parts are dimmed by clouds of interstellar dust that obscure the starlight and so appear as dark nebulous clouds in front of the milky way. On the other side interstellar gas can be heatened by stars and then radiate itself. This are the red appearing emission nebulae like IC 4628 and NGC 6188. Further Deep Sky Objects are the many star clusters in our field.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle