Notes to the given image data

Date: shown in the german convention: day.month.year, corresponding to exposure start in UT
Time: given in UT (Universal Time) at start of first exposure. UT corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time (longitude 0).
Central European Time CET = UT + 1:00
(UT = UTC +- 1s)
Exposure: Length of total integration time. It is given for each used filter, but each total integration time may consist of many exposures added together.
Field of View: The shown field of view in the image in degrees (o) or arc minutes ('). 1o = 60'. X axis versus Y axis. This field is in most cases smaller than the total exposed field on the detector.
Receiver or
The used CCD camera system with number of pixels or the conventional film material.
Filter: Most CCD images are taken through a Johnson-Cousins BVRI filter set (see WWFPP filter page)
The telescope aperture and eventually the focal length. For small photo optics the focal length f and the used focal ratio d/f is given as usual.
Observer: evident