comet lulin and its motion

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Date:28.02. - 01.03.2009 Time:22:53-0:31 UT, 45s interval
Exposure:131 x 40s Field:15' x 8'
Camera:Nikon D3 Telescope:80cm, f=8000mm
Place:Sternwarte Zollern-Alb,
Rosenfeld-Brittheim, Germany
Observer:T. Credner, S. Kowollik

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The sequence shows the motion of comet Lulin between the background star field. Since the telescope was guided to the comets head the stars appear to move. The field of view was quite small and therefore the inner dust and the greenish gas coma are dominating. Only a small part of the comet is visible and the dust tail exceeds far more out to the left hand side.

Some thin clouds moved through the field of view and obscured the comet a bit.