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comet 17P/Holmes
en la constelación Perseus

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Fecha:1.11.2007 Hora:20:30 UT Exposición:622 x 8s
Campo visual:27o x 18o Cámara:Nikon D200 Filtro:ninguno
Óptica:f=50mm, 1/1.4 Lugar:Tübingen, Alemania Observador:Till Credner

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This time lapse sequence shows comet 17P/Holmes as a bright and slightly greenish object rising above the trees. About two hours with 622 exposures are compressed in a 20 seconds lasting video clip.

The comet was easily visible to the naked eye with about 2nd or 3rd magnitude. However, it did not show a prominent tail, but looked quite diffuse in comparison to the surrounding stars. On October 24th some kind of explosion, the reason is still under debate, has driven an incredible outburst in brightness. As a result an expanding dust shell and a gas coma, glowing greenish-blue from the light of neutral CN and C2 gas were visible.