lunar eclipse

Date:28.09.2015 Time:0:55 - 5:43 UT
Exposure:1/800 s up to 2.5s Field:4.1o x 2.3o
Camera:Nikon D3 Optics:450mm f/5.3
Place:Kaiserstein, Southern Germany Observer:Till Credner

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Watch our moon gliding through the earths shadow. The lunar eclipse was observed from southern Germany through a 450 mm f/5.3 telescope with one image every 25 s. The exposure time was extended at the time of totality to show the dark reddened moon. After the eclipse, the full moon is getting red again and finally setting at the horizon. The telescope was guided on an equatorial mount with stellar velocity. Therefore, earths shadow is stationary (almost) and you can outline its shape and size.