moonlit falls

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Date:09.01.2009 Time:21:57-01:30 UT, 15s interval
Exposure:850x up to 8s Field:61o x 43o
Camera:Nikon D200 Optics:f=20mm 1/3.5
Place:Bad Urach, Swabian Alb, Germany Observer:Till Credner

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The bright full moon lights up the frozen falls of Bad Urach. The full moon of January 2009 was exceptionally bright since it was a perigee moon, i.e. at closest distance to earth. Furthermore the earth was in its perihel, i.e. closest distance to the sun. And third the alignment of the sun, earth and moon was very well, i.e. almost a lunar eclipse which favors the backscattering of sunlight from the moon.

The sequence suffers somewhat from water droplets accumulating on the lens surface. This results in some flare around the moon.