a mountains night

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Date:22./23.09.2007 Time:13:52-07:35 UT, 45s interval Exposure:1415x up to 15s
Field:61o x 43o Camera:Nikon D200 Filter:none
Optics:f=20mm, 1/2.2 Place:Lidernen, Switzerland Observer:Till Credner

© copyright: the sky in motion.com

A night on the Lidernen hut with the view to the Vierwaldstätter Lake. About 18 hours are shown in the 47s lasting time lapse movie. After sunset the moon lightens the sky and the mountainscape. Later on, also the moon sets and the sky becomes much darker, however, the clouds are lit by all the reddish city lights around the Vierwaldstätter Lake. Watch all those little earthlings spilling from their shelter after sunrise!