The Summer Night Sky in the Alps

Date:7.8.2010 Time:22:01 UT Exposure:24 x 10s Field:360o x 73o
Camera:Nikon D3 at ISO 3200     Optics:35mm f/2.0 at f/2.8     Place:Proboj, Kärnten, Austria     Photographer:Till Credner

A 360 degree panorama of the summer night sky in the southern alps. The bright object on the left hand side is planet Jupiter. Most prominent is the milky way arching through the sky. Some fog was rushing in and covered a couple of villages. See the higher resolution for a much much better view. The originial image data comprises about 6000 x 26000 pixel, i.e. about 150 MPixel.

Time Lapse Movie

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