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La Silla Observatory

in the Atacama desert, northern Chile. Operated by ESO (European Southern Observatory).

Startrails in the southern Sky

The Dutch, Bochum, Danish and ESO Telescope Buildings

The Dome of the Danish 1.5m Telescope

Cartrails and Startrails

Moving Clouds and the Southern Cross above La Silla

The Bochum 0.5m Telescope at Work

The 15m Swedish ESO Submillimeter Telescope (SEST)

The 1.5m Spectrographic Telescope

The New Technology Telescope Mirror (NTT) ...

Setting Moon over Dutch Telescope

Rising Moon over La Silla


Coordinates: Altitude:
70o44' W
29o15' S

La Silla ESO
View from satellite Current weather

© all photographs taken by Sven Kohle