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Constellation Taurus

NGC 5408

Omega Centauri

Constellations Centaurus and Circinus

Crescent Moon and Hyades above the Roques de García


Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Taurus

Moon and Planets in Taurus

Lunar Eclipse 11/2003 in Aries and Taurus

First signs of the Aurora Borealis of April 6th, 2000

Crescent Moon and Hyades above the Roques de García

Alpha, Beta, and Proxima Centauri

The Winter Hexagon

IC 2944 and NGC 3766

Constellation Taurus

The 12 Constellations of the Zodiac

Movie - Rising from Ruins

Perseid Meteor 2009

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Movie - Hyades Rising

All the Sky for all the Year

Three bright Quadrantid Meteors of 2011

Winter Milky Way

Taurus and Auriga at Dawn

Moon, Planets, and Perseid 2012

Constellation Centaurus

Orion above Jusiberg

Shelter on Jusiberg

Shelter on Jusiberg

The constellations of Winter with Jupiter

Clouds and Light Pollution

Hike on the Kornbuehl


Castle Neuschwanstein and the Moon

Time Lapse of Neuschwanstein Castle

Illuminated front of Neuschwanstein

Moon, Hyades, Pleiades, and Neuschwanstein

Observing the Orion Nebula


Montafon in Moonlight

Movie - Stars, Moon, and Sun rising in the Alps

Aurora Borealis from northern Sweden, August 30th, 2019