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Light Pollution

by fishing boats
seen between the croatian islands of Lastovo and Korcula (see map). The public lighting of Lastovo was switched off at 0:30 CEST to minimize light pollution. Lastovo offers a brilliant dark sky, but the bright fishing boats are a nuisance. The glaring lights of one boat operate with a power of 12000 Watts to attract fish. This method is prohibited in some countries just like fishing with dynamite. Not to mention that the adriatic sea is overfished anyway.

Beside of this, the island of Lastovo is a very interesting target for astronomers from central Europe. The bright fishing boats were visible only in the north-eastern direction. Lastovo cares a lot for a natural night sky. Public lighting is completely shielded, amber colored, moderately used, and energy efficient. The landscape by night is lit very naturally just by the starry sky!

Thanks to the "Loss of the Night Network" (LoNNe) and Andrej Mohar for granting the workshop on measuring light pollution.

Fishing Boat

Light Panel

Fishing at Night

Fishing at Night

Eight Boats

Fishing Boats

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Milky Way



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