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Path of the ISS

the International Space Station

Animation of these images

Date:7.2.2008 Time:17:36 UT Exposure:70 x 2.5s
Field:180o across Camera:Nikon D200 Filter:none
Optics:f=10.5mm, 1/2.8 Place:Tübingen, Germany Observer:Till Credner

© Copyright by the observers

The International Space Station (ISS) glides above the northern horizon of Tübingen in southern Germany. It is brilliantly visible due to brightly reflected sunlight. The path is dashed since the photo consists of 70 added exposures with little breaks in between. Also have a look at the short video! The ISS vanishes above the northeastern horizon when it enters earths shadow (right hand side). The astronauts onboard might had a nice sunset at this time, however, they can enjoy this every 1.5 hours! One orbit only takes this time.

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