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Planet Mars above Thunderclouds

Date:29.8.2003 Optics:f=28mm, 1/2.0
Place:Emberger Alm, Austria Observer:T. Credner & S. Kohle

© Copyright by the observers

Planet Mars reached its closest position to Earth in August 28th, 2003. The brightness was -2.8 mag, brighter was only the moon and our sun. A day later a severe thunderstorm battered the Alps of southern Austria and northern Italy. It was an impressive spectacle from a more northern point of view. Huge thunderclouds were illuminated by frequent (inner cloud) lightning with a starry sky plus Mars above. However, the natural disaster killed at least two persons due to flooding and mudslides. In the province of Udine 400mm of Water was fallen in about six hours (equal to 400 liters/m2). Of course, Mars has nothing to do with the disaster. (Jupiter was the roman god throwing lightning strokes and Mars the god of war.)

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