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Perseid Meteors 2018

Date:12.08.2018 Time:2:44 UT
Exposure:50 x 0.04s, 25 fps video Field of View:53o x 37o
Camera:Sony alpha 7sII Optics:24mm, f/1.4
Place:Schachen, Swabian Alb, Germany Observer:Till Credner

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A bright meteor appeared in the morning twilight of August 12th, 2018. And if you watch on the right hand side, a faint one is also visible at the same time. Astronomers are stowing away their equipment after a night of observing. The real time video of the meteor shows the typical green train of a Perseid, which is also visible to the naked eye for the brighter meteors. The Perseids are quite fast with about 60 km/s. This is sufficient to excite atmospheric oxygen at heights of about 100 km and emit green light at a wavelength of 558 nm (Borovicka, 2006).