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Perseid of August 12th, 1993

Date:12/13.8..1993 Time: Exposure:5 min
Field of View:30o x 18o Emulsion:Agfachrome
Instrument:f=28mm 1/2.8 Place:Vulkaneifel,
Observer:S. Kohle,
B. Koch

© Copyright by the observers

From Colors to Astrophysics

The original slide was digitized to 2048 x 3072 pixels and then color enhanced, to maximize the visibility of the meteors changing spectrum. The different colors show emission of different atoms and ions of the meteor. The earth's atmosphere contributes only a few percent to the visible emission. The most prominent emission lines are the ones of CaII (blue), MgI (yellow) and NaI (red). The origin of the green emission in high altitudes (>100 km, lower right in the picture) is not really known. It could be the light of the atmosphere's oxygen OI.

You can find more information about meteors in the homepage of the International Meteor Organization

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