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Stereo Perseids 2016

Date:12./13.08.2016 Time:22:53 - 23:36 UT
Exposure:1/25 s each Field of View:54o x 32o
Camera:Sony alpha 7sII Optics:35mm, f/1.4
Place:Schachen and Zainingen,
Swabian Alb, Germany
Observer:Antonio Schmusch,
Moritz Wolf, Till Credner
Progymnasium Rosenfeld

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The image is a composit of many video frames taken simultaneously from two locations, 15.4 km apart. Each meteor is shown twice, the left one taken from our Meteor Camp Schachen, the right one observed from the Dark Sky Park location Römerstein-Zainingen, Swabian Alb. Due to the proximity of the meteors in our atmosphere, they show parallax angles with respect to the background of stars. In this student project, beginning heights of the luminous trails were calculated to be up to 136 km and ending heights to be down to 78 km. The shown exposures of the brighter meteors are just 1/25 s, giving short white trails on the right hand side. The long green trains to the left last about one or two seconds. They are formed by the excitation of atmospheric oxygen from the fast perseid bodies and show the green wavelength of 558 nm (Borovicka, 2006).

You may watch the image in 3D using red-green glasses

or using a stereo enabled TV-screen (with shutter or polarization glasses) or VR-goggles: