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Perseidas 2009

Fecha:12.08.2009 Hora:22-23:00 UT
Exposición:10s each Campo visual:54o x 38o
Cámara:Nikon D3 Óptica:f=35mm, 1/2.8
Lugar:Kaiserstein, Balingen, Alemania Observador:Till Credner

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The Perseids of 2009 put on a nice show. The above image is a composite of seven selected exposures with brighter meteors from a time range of about one hour. The total number of found meteors in this field of view and a time range of three hours is 34. The common direction of the meteors is due to the radiant in the constellation of Perseus. Only the small meteor at the right is obviously not a Perseid.

Closer inspection shows that the photographic color of most Perseids was a strong green. Only the brightest turned to a red tinge at the end.