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VR Panoramic View of the Northern Lights, May 11th, 2024

Date:11.05.2024 Time:2:30 CEST
Exposure:22 x 6 s Field of view:360° x 180°
Camera:Lumix S5IIX Optics:18 mm f/2
Swabian Jura, Germany
Observer:Till Credner

The majority of the sky is covered by northern lights from this location at latitude 48.5° North. A boundary between diffuse red Aurora Borealis and clear sky is spanning the sky as a great circle from the eastern horizon to the western horizon. In the southern direction the boundary reaches a height of 54°,5. Therefore the sky hemisphere is covered by about 70 % with Aurora Borealis ((180 - 54.5) : 180 = 0.697).

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