The Deep Photographic Guide to the

The constellation of the month

Delphinus, Equuleus

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Latin: Delphinus (Del), Equuleus (Equ)
English: Dolphin, Colt Spanish: Delfín, Caballito
German: Delphin, Füllen French: Dauphin, Petit Cheval

Two small constellations are shown this month, faint Equuleus in the lower left and distinctive Delphinus on the right hand side (see lines). They can be found southeast of last months Cygnus.

In mid of September the above field culminates at about 21:30 LT (9:30 pm). The declination of these constellations ranges from +2 to +21 degrees.

Parts of the milky way cross the upper right of our field of view. In the two constellations Delphinus and Equuleus are no bright deep sky objects, wheras in the surrounding field are for example the globular cluster M 15 in Pegasus and the famous Cirrus Nebula in Cygnus.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle