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Latin: Libra (Lib)
English: Scales Spanish: Balanza
German: Waage French: Balance

The constellation of Libra is a less prominent sign of the Zodiac for observers (see lines). It is far south, quite weak, and well observable only for a short period during bright northern spring nights. It lies east of Virgo and west of Scorpius (a couple of Scorpius' bright stars are seen on the left hand side of the image). To the north is Serpens Caput.

In mid of May Libra culminates at about 0 LT. The declination of the constellation borders ranges from -30 to 0 degrees. Brightest star is Zubenelgenubi, an A-class star of magnitude +2.75 visible on the right hand side.

Deep sky objects: NGC 5897 is a globular cluster of total magnitude 8.5.

© all photographs taken by Till Credner and Sven Kohle