Animation of the third Contact 8/99 - Eclipses - Digital Images of the Sky
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Animation of the third Contact 8/99

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Date:11.08.1999 Time:9:31 UT Exposure:1/60 - 1/1000s
Field of View:1.2o x 1.2o Emulsion:Kodak Ektachrome 200 Filter:none
Instrument:f=1000mm, 1/10 Place:Altroff, France Observer:K. Bagschik

© Copyright by the observers

The animation above shows the last seconds of totality ending with the first glimpse of the solar photosphere. As the moon moves on it reveals more and more of the solar disk. During the first few seconds you can see the sun shining through isolated lunar valleys but with the progression of the `Bailey's Beads' phenomenon these `beads' grow and finally coalesce when the solar limb surpasses the lunar mountains.