noctilucent clouds

Date:21.06.2019 Time:20:33 - 21:32 UT
Exposure:450 x (0.8s to 2s)
with 8s interval
Field:73o x 45o
Camera:Sony alpha 7 SII Optics:24mm f/2.8
Place:Salzkopf, Hunsrück,
Observer:Till Credner

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Silver ripples of noctilucent clouds became visible in the twilight of June 21st, 2019, summer solstice. They were covering more than half the sky from central Germany at first sight. Later on, the visible part was receding to the north with the sun being low under the northern horizon. Only the sunlit parts of these extremely high ice clouds are brightly visible.

Start of NLCs

NLCs getting brighter


Red top

Small size