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the sky in motion

Music:túrána hott kurdís by hasta la otra méxico!
Video:The Sky in Motion by Till Credner,

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Set the sky in motion! Not seen in real-time by naked eye, but a time lapse technique speeds up the motion of the celestial objects. About 7000 individual photographies were assembled showing the apparent motion of the sun, moon, and stars due to earths rotation.

Our daily life, the calendar, and our clock, is set by the cosmic motion. Sunrise and sunset, the seasons, and also the motion of the moon (tides) have an important impact on our life. This is the main reason why interest in astronomy occured in ancient times. The day is set by the suns rise and set (earths rotation), the month by the moons path around the earth, and the year and its seasons by the suns apparent path along the ecliptic (earths motion around the sun). This is our daily astronomy program since million of years and for more to come. Steadiness and tranquility in contrast to our modern life.