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sky traffic
Iridium flare, other small satellites and two airplanes

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Fecha:12.5.2008 Hora:~22:18 to 22:25 UT , 1s interval Exposición:0.8s
Campo visual:39o x 26o Cámara:Nikon D3 Filtro:ninguno
Óptica:f=50mm at 1/2.0 Lugar:Herrenberg, Alemania Observador:Till Credner

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The above time lapse movie is 30 times faster than reality (recording at 1 fps and playing at 30 fps). Two airplanes with contrails, one bright Iridium flare and some minor satellites move through the field of view. Most satellites show strong brightness variations due to their rotation and thus a variable reflection of sunlight. Extreme examples are the satellites of the Iridium family which can flare up from invisible to dazzling -8 mag in a few seconds. At lower right are the moon, bright star Regulus and Saturn.