southern stars

Date:27./28./29.5.2006 Time:30s - 60s interval Exposure:800x up to 25s
Field:61o x 43o Camera:Nikon D200 Filter:none
Optics:f=20mm Place:Hakos, Namibia Observer:Till Credner

Sound: Trifid Nebula by Kevin Kendle, Eventide Music Ltd

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The three time lapse clips show the night sky from Namibia in southern Africa. The sun sets in the west and is followed by a broad and diffuse display of Zodiacal Light (together with parts of the milky way in Gemini and Monoceros). The center of our milky way is rising in the opposite direction. The third view shows the apparent rotation of our sky around the south celestial pole. There is no bright pole star in the southern hemisphere. Can you spot the Magellanic Clouds, our neighboring galaxies? They are hiding behind the trees.