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The Pipe Nebula

LDN 1773 (Lynd's Catalogue of Dark Nebulae)
including B 77, B 78 and B 59 (Barnard's Catalogue of Dark Nebulae)

Date:6/1994 Time: Exposure:
Field of View:13o x 16o Emulsion:Scotchchrome 400 Filter:none
Instrument:f=100mm 1/4.0 Place: Cerro Tololo Observer:Sven Kohle

© Copyright by the observers

In the constellation of Ophiuchus lies this dark nebulosity resembling a smoking pipe (see the neighboring constellation of Scorpius for a wide field view). Close to the center of our milky way this dark patch can be recognized by naked eye in between of rich star clouds. Interstellar dust is absorbing the light of the starclouds behind.