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Hoher List Observatory

in the Vulkaneifel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
Formerly operated by the Sternwarte of the University of Bonn,
since 2012 by the private Astronomische Vereinigung Vulkaneifel.

The main building with its three domes

The 1m telescope building

The 1m telescope building

Comet Hyakutake with 1m telescope

Startrails of Sirius and Orion above the main building

Bungalow and dome of big double refractor

"Star hopping" to the dome of the 1m telescope ;-)

Moon and Jupiter above the 30cm Astrograph

Faint sun pillar from top of Hoher List

Morning sun

The 1m-Telescope

The 1m-Telescope

The HoLiCam CCD System (Hoher List Camera)

Camera Dewar with CCD-Chip

The 30cm-Astrograph

The attached DWARF Camera at the Astrograph

Slideshow / Astro-Pictures

Coordinates: Altitude:
6o 51' E
50o 9.8' N
549 m

Astronomische Vereinigung Vulkaneifel am Hohen List e.V.

© all photographs taken by Sven Kohle and Till Credner