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The dome of the new italian Galileo telescope

The 3.5m Galileo telescope is a twin of ESO's NTT

Moon and Venus above the Caucasus

Minor Planet Vesta

Constellation Leo

Constellation Leo Minor

Leonid Meteors 2001

Leonid Meteors 2001

Constellations Chamaeleon and Musca

Constellation Hydra

Constellation Leo

The 12 Constellations of the Zodiac

Leonid 2006

Saturn and Leo above Ruin Hohenurach

All Sky view from Hirsau Monastery

All the Sky of January

All the Sky of February

All the Sky of March

All the Sky of April

All the Sky of May

All the Sky of June

Gruorn at Night

Constellation Leo Minor

Sky tour at Gruorn

Constellation Chamaeleon

Constellation Leo at Raichberg


Zwiefalten Monastery

Quenstedt Memorial


Panoramic View from the Plettenberg

Light Pollution

All-Sky from Plettenberg

Panoramic View from Lemberg

Fuel Cloud of Ariane 5 launch

Fuel Cloud of Ariane 5

Zodiacal Light and Death Valley

Movie - Stars, Moon, and Sun rising in the Alps

Panoramic View from Plettenberg

Constellation Leo next to the Chapel of Wurmlingen