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Todo el Cielo
at about midnight Local Time (LT), northern hemisphere,
or February 2:00 LT or April 22:00 LT
northern night sky of march

leyenda si/no

Fecha:21.04.2006 Hora:20:30 UT
Exposición:10min Campo visual:180o
Emulsión:Fuji Provia 400F Óptica:f=8mm 1/4.0
Lugar:Römerstein, Alemania Observador:Till Credner
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This is the typical spring sky for moderate northern latitudes. It shows the constellation of Ursa Major overhead and prominent Leo, the lion, culminating high in the southern direction. In this photography from 2006 planet Saturn was in the constellation of Cancer (between Leo and Gemini) and bright Jupiter rose in the south east just left of Virgo.