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Todo el Cielo
todo el año

at about midnight Local Time (LT) for each month,
or the previous month at 2:00 or next month at 22:00 LT,
northern hemisphere, about 48 degrees latitude
Noviembre Diciembre Enero
Octubre northern night sky Febrero
Septiembre Marzo
Agosto Abril
Julio Junio Mayo

leyenda si/no

Fecha:2004 - 2008 Hora:diverso
Exposición:diverso Campo visual:180o
Emulsión o Cámara:Fuji Provia 400F o Nikon D3   Óptica:f=8mm 1/4.0
Lugar:Alemania Observador:Till Credner
© Copyright

Our night sky changes throughout the year. Since the earth orbits the sun, the direction of our night hemisphere in space changes 30 degrees per month. Northern hemisphere observers can see the above sky views in each month at about local midnight. Watch the big dipper and its changing positions. The northern horizon is always at top. On the photographies only the planets change their positions in relation to the stars. Please note that "local midnight" might differ from the standard time of your time zone.

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