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Todo el Cielo
at about midnight Local Time (LT), northern hemisphere,
or October 2:00 LT or December 22:00 LT
northern night sky of november

leyenda si/no

Fecha:23.12.2006 Hora:21:09 UT
Exposición:10min Campo visual:180o
Emulsión:Fuji Provia 400F Óptica:f=8mm 1/4.0
Lugar:Römerstein, Alemania   Observador:Till Credner
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The constellation of Perseus reaches the zenith at local midnight, the point just overhead. Most prominent are the bright winter constellations in the south-east, especially conspicuous Orion and the brightest star Sirius in Canis Major. The square of Pegasus, the typical constellation of autumn, already sinks down to the western horizon.