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Earths Shadow at Lunar Eclipse 9/15

Date:28.09.2015 Time:1:24; 2:46; 4:09 UT
Exposure:1/500 s, 2.5 s, 1/250 s Field of View:2.7o x 1.8o
Camera:Nikon D3 Optics:f=450mm, f/5.3
Geislingen, Germany
Observer:Till Credner

The three images of the moon show the shadow of the earth during a lunar eclipse. The moon enters the shadow at lower right. The longer exposure at totality shows the faint red glow of sunlight on the moon. The sunlight was bended and reddened through earths atmosphere. At upper left the moon is exiting earths shadow.

The fact that earths shadow is always a circle was reported by the greek philosopher Aristotle (350 BC). It is one of the early arguments in favour of the earth as a sphere.

Also see the time lapse of this eclipse.

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