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Nova V1494 Aquilae

blink with old image

Date:04.12.99 Time:17:30 UT Exposure:15 s
Field of View:27o x 27o Emulsion:Kodak Royal 1000 Select Filter:none
Optics:f=50mm 1/1.8 Place:Lippstadt Observer:T. Credner
Data of old image:
Date:07.08.99 Time:21:59 Exposure:32 min
Field of View:27o x 27o Emulsion:Kodak Royal 400 Select Filter:none
Optics:f=50mm 1/4.0 Place: Hoher List Observer:T. Credner
Notes to the data

© Copyright by the observers

Above you can compare two images of the star field in Aquila taken at different times. One is taken in December 99 and shows the Nova V1494 Aql and the other one is taken four months more early. "Blinking" the two images with the script above will easily show you the outburst and its position right of the image center. Nothing can be seen at that place in August 1999. In addition you may recognize the long period variable star R Aql somewhere right above the Nova.

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