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One wish each

on the planet of hopes

Observing the Perseid Meteors at the Meteor Camp 2020

Perseid Meteors

Date:12.-14.08.2020 Time:multiple
Exposure:14 x 25s and 6 x 4s or 6s Field of View:300o x 300o
Camera:Canon EOS 1D IV Optics:15mm, f/2.8
Swabian Alb, Germany
Observer:Till Credner

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Observing meteors can be fun. Observers lie down in a circle and scan the sky for perseid meteors at the Meteor Camp 2020, southern Germany. European folklore says, you have a wish on seeing a shooting star. But don't tell anybody!
The six shown meteors were from two nights in mid of august. The mosaic is a "little planet" projection of 14 wide angle images covering the entire sphere plus 6 images with found meteors (carefully aligned with the stars).