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Cúmulo abierto Coma
Mel 111

Fecha:4.3.02 Hora:23:35 UT Exposición:15 min
Campo visual:14o x 10o Emulsion: Kodak Ektachrome 200 Filtro:none
Instrumento:f=135mm 1/2.8 Lugar:Römerstein, Alb Observador:Till Credner

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The Coma star cluster is a scattered group of stars with a diameter of about five degrees in the constellation of Coma Berenices. With five stars beeing of fifth magnitude it is well visible to the unaided eye under a fairly dark sky.

In a distance of about 58 pc it is one of the nearest star clusters known, only the Hyades and the Ursa Major moving cluster appear to be somewhat closer. There are 37 members of the cluster down to 10.5 mag. However, a surprising fact is that the cluster does not contain any fainter stars. They may have dispersed into space since the small cluster with its low total mass can't hold them gravitationally.


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