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Dwarf Irregular Galaxy DDO 125

Date:26.3.1998 Time:01h UT Exposure:B: 24m, V: 15.5m, I: 9.5m
Field of View:19' x 16' Receiver: HoLiCam, 20482 CCD Filter:B, V, I
Instrument: 1m, f=3680mm Observatory: Hoher List Observer:S. Kohle, T. Credner

© Copyright by the observers

Astronomical Institutes of the University of Bonn

DDO 125 is a small galaxy of the Canes Venatici group of galaxies in a distance of about 3.7 Mpc. It is located just 37' south of NGC 4449 and may well be a satellite of NGC 4449. It's total mass is estimated to be only 4 x 109 solar masses. NGC 4449 has a total mass of ten times more and our milky way even about 100 times.