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Galactic Cirrus

Show IRAS 60micron image

Date:10.3.1996 Time:22:01 UT Exposure:3 x 10 min
Field of View:17o x 17o Receiver: 20482 CCD Filter:Schott RG 645
Instrument: f=100mm, 1/2.8 Observatory: Hoher List Observer:T. Credner, S. Kohle

© Copyright by the observers

Astronomical Institutes of the University of Bonn

On this wide field (17 degrees) false-color image the very faint and extended galactic cirrus is seen. These clouds have large distances perpendicular to the galactic plane and thus are just visible at high galactic latitudes. In the very center also the galaxies M 81 and M 82 are seen. The cirrus was detected with the DWARF (Deep sensing Wide Angle Recording Facility) , a special instrument for widefield imaging of objects with low surface brightness.
The Cirrus was first found by Alan Sandage 1975 with the 1.2m-Palomar Schmidt Telescope on a four hour (!) exposure. The surface brightness is 25 mag/(")2 or even fainter (Sandage, A.: 1976, AJ81, 954).