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Lighting of Reutlingen 2012 and 2023

with Pfullingen and Metzingen

Compare the images as animated gif!

Date:20.06.2012 and 09.04.2023 Time:21:52 and 20:39 CET
Exposure:7 x 10 s and 7 x 8 s Field of view:~250o x 70o
Camera:Nikon D3 Optics:24mm, f/1,4 stopped down
Place:Achalm, Reutlingen Photo:Till Credner

The two panorama images of Reutlingen compare the city lights in 2012 and 2023. Exposure, color balance and postions were adapted as much as possible. Used camera and lens are identical. A big difference of visible lighting is due to the leaves of the trees. The 2012 image was taken at summer and the 2023 at spring time with no leaves at the trees. In some regions lighting and light pollution was further increased. Especially Pfullingen (left hand side) switched to much brighter and cooler lighting.

Full panorama

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