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The Night Sky above our Landscapes

VR Panoramic Views


Ennser Hut



more VR

Watching the Milky Way

Zodiacal light and Death Valley

Montafon in Moonlight

Milky Way in the Alps

The Moon has risen


Admiring the Sky

Schopfloch Exhibition


Neuschwanstein Castle

Derneck Castle

Dark Sky Park Rhoen

Lastovo Night Sky

Zwiefalten Monastery

Ruin Reussenstein

Night at the Lauter

Steinerne Jungfrauen

Perseids 2012

Church of Gruorn

Steinheim Impact Crater

Night Sky in the Highlands of Iceland

Light Pollution

Lightning above Tübingen

Cave of Gutenberg and the Milky Way

Danube and Saturn above the Nepomuk Bridge

Summer Night Sky in the Alps

Stonehenge All-Sky

Stonehenge Moon

Mars and Allalin

Durdle Door

Saturn and Porrima above the Danube

Werenwag Castle

Allalin Glacier

Quadrantid Meteors of 2011

Lake Harris

Lichtenstein Castle

Starry Gate

Moon and Jupiter set above Lake Userin

Perseid Meteor 2009 at Ruin Hohenurach

Planet Mars

All Sky view from Hirsau monastery

Acadia National Park Panorama

Full Moon shining through Urach Falls

Saturn and Leo above Ruin Hohenurach

Path of ATV and ISS

Hohenzollern Castle and Ursa Major

A Night in the Forest

The Lighthouse

Starry Lake

Planets in the Sky

Northern Lights

The 12 Constellations of the Zodiac

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon

A Mountains Night

Ursa Major and Bootes above Lake Ontario

Lightning above Tübingen

The Universe: Yours to Discover

Zodiacal Light above Namibia

Moon and Hyades above the Roques de García

Row of Planets

Zodiacal Light in Gemini

Planet Mars above Thunderclouds

Star Trails at the Celestial Equator

Moon and Venus

International Space Station

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© all photographs taken by Till Credner