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Panoramic View from Schwarzer Grat

Adelegg, Allgäu, Southern Germany, 1118 m

Date:08.09.2023 Time:22:19 - 22:45 UT (CET-1h)
Exposure:10 x 13 s, 11 x 30 s Field of view:360o x 180o
Camera:Lumix S5M2X at ISO 3200 Optics:18mm, f/2.0 (upwards)
and f/2.8 (downwards)
Place:Schwarzer Grat,
Southern Germany
Author:Till Credner

The brightness in the zenith was down to 21.09 mag per arcsecond2 at about 23:20 CET, 08.09.2023. 21.09 mag per arcsecond2 is about 2.3 times more bright than the usual clear and moonless sky. This is due to light pollution and the milky way in the zenith at this time. Another natural source of light was airglow during this night, here seen as green diffuse patterns in the sky. A factor of 2.3 means the sky is brightened by 130 %. Measurements were obtained with SQM-LU-DL, serial number 2030. A sport field of Kleinweiler-Hofen was strongly illuminated until 22:30 CET. The extremely bright lights in Maierhöfen lasted all through the night. These poorly shielded lights of a local festival brightened the entire night sky. The second part of the night was dominated by the light of the 30 % waning moon.

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